Meet the authors of Beginning French

LES AMÉRICAINS IS the nom de plume of Eileen McKenna and Marty Neumeier, along with their daughter Sara Neumeier. For most of the year Eileen and Marty live in California, while Sara lives in Brooklyn. Each summer they meet in France to continue their adventures in the French countryside—and write about them here.

Eileen is the sort of person who can predict an entire plot from the first line of a novel or the first scene in a movie. Marty is a former graphic designer and writer with six books on design and innovation, one of which has been read over ten million times online. Their daughter Sara is a trained chef and intrepid traveler who works in New York as a food stylist. She started her career at Martha Stewart Living.

Together they hope to introduce you to the delights of the Dordogne, one of the best-kept secrets in France. It’s an area rich with vineyards, farms, stunning landscapes, charming villages, and great restaurants. If you decide to visit, let Beginning French be your guide.


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